February 15, 2016

Keeping Your Website Up-To Date

We find that these issues are the most frequently discussed in the current website design and development community:

1. Custom versus Template based websites.  In a recent post I’ve gone into detail on the pros and cons on both sides of this important issue. You can read the post in full here: http://socalwebworx.sanclementedev.com/wordpress/template-websites-vs-custom-websites/
2. Mobile-Friendly websites. Also known as ‘responsive’ websites, these get the highest ranking from Google on smart phone searches.  Read the two relevant posts here:  http://socalwebworx.sanclementedev.com/wordpress/mobile-first-web-design-did-you-know/  and   http://socalwebworx.sanclementedev.com/wordpress/category/mobile-friendly-website/
3. Keeping your website platform and plugins current. Monthly maintenance for your website may be overkill, but to overlook implementing timely updates can result in a host of problems including the eventual breakdown of some functionality on your website.
4. The appearance of your website can be crucial to keeping new visitors on your website and leading them to take the action you desire. The appearance of your website should be consistent with your overall branding and needs to look current and fresh. Dated designs and color selections, among other things will lead to fewer conversions to visitor action.  More here:  http://socalwebworx.sanclementedev.com/wordpress/websites-as-part-of-larger-marketing-efforts/
5. Updating website functionality. Visitors expect to have a positive and easy experience on your website. They also expect you to have current features and functionality such as an easy to view product samples and galleries.
6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This has been a high-ranking issue of discussion for years with no sign of letup. As Google changes its algorithm and shaking up ideas on SEO, it continues to move the field of website design and development into new arenas. Read more on these posts:  http://socalwebworx.sanclementedev.com/wordpress/category/smart-phone-websites/


January 25, 2016

Beware of Free Website Offers – Check the Fine Print

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So you’ve all heard the ads for “Free Websites” on prime time television. But, are these offers really free?  First ask yourself if you think these large companies are really in business to just give away free work?  Second, ask yourself if you’ve ever gotten much of value in business for free. The answer to both questions is probably a resounding no. And in this case that holds true as well.

In actuality, the free offers are without doubt a ‘come-on’ for never ending monthly fees that quickly add up to a larger expense than actually paying up front for a website. Let’s look at an example: An average custom website may cost $1500 – $2500 to design and develop. Compare this with a so-called ‘free’ website that has a $250 a month ‘maintenance’ fee. Within 10 months you have paid $2500 for your ‘free’ website and within two years that cost skyrockets to $6000. I hate to think how much that ‘free’ site adds up to cost over 10 years.

To make matters even worse, you often do not actually own the domain name or website files, so if you decide to leave the so-called ‘free’ service you will have to start with a new domain name and have the website completely rebuilt. All of the recognition you’ve built up with google and your clients could be lost as you have to begin anew with a different domain name.

In summary we strongly recommend you read all of the fine print when signing up for a free’ website. Remember that old adage:  “you get what you pay for”.

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