August 31, 2016

Why Should I Have a Website Maintenance Program?

The idea of a website as a static never changing marketing tool has evolved.

Your website in contemporary terms is better looked upon as an ever changing always growing marketing device. There are several reasons for this shift in attitude:

1. People who come to your site more than once or even on a recurring basis will be attracted to stay on the site longer and view your company as more vital if there is frequently added new content. New content development is key.

2. Google’s SEO change of evaluating your website and its content has placed far more significance on the website verbiage and images and therefore adding relevant and original new content is more important than ever.

3. Your website platform and programs used in the coding are being updated every day. To prevent eventual website breakdowns, website security breaches and malfunctions, vulnerability to malware and to be viewable on all browsers and devices it is critical to stay on top of the software and plug-in updates.

4. Lastly, on-site organic search engine engine is most effective when executed as an ongoing effort. Slow and steady is much more effective than sporadic efforts to increase your Page Rank Authority and Website Authority.

August 5, 2016

The Importance of Ongoing Website Maintenance

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Ongoing website maintenance is becoming increasingly important as the Internet matures and changes at an ever increasing pace. Consider this: Your website is built with custom code using one of several software interfaces or using an open source platform such as Word Press.  New releases (updates) are constantly coming out to the utilized version of the code platform(s) such as PHP, Word Press, Drupal, Magento, etc.  Staying current with new releases helps insure proper website functionality and optimum search engine compliance.

In addition, your site most likely uses several “Plugins” which each allow specific functionality such as calendars, sign up forms, rotating banners, etc. These plugins are also constantly being updated. For your website to operate at peak performance it is important to keep your  plugins current and make updates as needed. Over time, neglecting to update your website code can cause problems which can impair your site functionality.

We recommend you have your professional webmaster or designer implement the required updates in a timely manner and always remember to backup the site before you make the necessary updates.


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