November 27, 2012

Finding a Graphic Designer & Printer for an Effective Brochure

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To ensure that your brochure is effective for its purpose, you need to make it good in all aspect. This starts with getting the right and qualified graphic designer and be printed with professional standards.

Graphic design

This is the process that involves the art or skill of combining text and pictures which is aimed to convey a specific task or message to targeted audience. To have the best graphic design you need to have the best graphic designers. Not all graphic designers are excellent since they have different design skills and experience.

Tips and guidelines to consider when finding best graphic designer include:


You have to consider how experienced the designer is. You need to know if he or she knows your product market or industry.

Should have Strong sense of marketing

The designer should be able to make pretty images and articulate the objective of each piece.

Formal education in graphic design and software skills

The designer should have good formal education in this field of graphic design so that you can have the best graphic design that will have positive impact on the market. Good graphic design communicates and motivates audience.

Excellent business skills

The designer should have very good business skills so that he can be able to design something that has impact to the targeted audience.

The cost charged

Cost is very important to be considered when hiring graphic designer. There are cheap designers who offer the same quality like those expensive graphic designers.


These are printed leaflets that are used for advertising purposes. They usually introduce the organization, company, and institution and informs the audience about the products and services offered. Since they are used to attract more people, it should be very informative, communicative and naturally motivating.

There are various ways to make your brochure effective.

  • You have to understand very well what to put in your brochure. Brochure should contain relevant information.
  • Since brochure is used for advertisement, it should motivate your readers. The first page of your brochure should be very well designed so it can attract readers to even go to other pages and see. If the first page is poor first you are doomed because this is where all readers see first before they start going through your brochure.
  • Describe your product very well and in a suggestive manner. If you are dealing with a product that has a particular shape you can choose to make your brochure in such a shape.


This is the final step in brochure making. Printing is very important and should be keenly done. No one is interested in reading something that is not visible clearly. Print it poorly and no one will be interested to know what’s written in it.

There are several things that you can do and follow to ensure that your brochure is printed professionally.

  • Use the latest printing technologies and you will be able to print your brochure to the desired standards.
  • Use colored pictures where necessary and avoid using black and white color.
  • Make sure the printing service provider you hire has experience in printing brochures.

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