Google+1 is Google’s attempt to step up the competition with Facebook’s seamless (and highly profitable) integration of social sharing and advertising. Currently, Facebook users have the option to share ads with friends on the social network by ‘Liking’ the ad, commenting on it or sharing the ad’s link within Facebook.

Starting in October, the Google +1 button will begin appearing within display ads across the Google Display Network (GDN). According to the announcement the +1 button will allow advertisers to “run social-enabled ad campaigns that work across millions of sites in over forty countries worldwide and will expand to both desktop and mobile.”

What we know now is that +1’s will appear at the bottom of display ads, showing users the profile photos of friends who have endorsed the ad. In the interest of privacy protection, only the additional number of other users who +1 the ad will show; you will not see images or names of people outside of your network. The +1 notifications will fade away after 10 seconds.

As it stands, the addition of the +1 button to display ads will be the default setting; advertisers can opt out by signing into their AdWords account.

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