September 22, 2009

Increase Website Traffic with Optimized Landing Pages

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One way to increase Internet traffic to your webpage, resulting in more potential business, is to introduce landing pages, also known as lead capture pages. These pages, which appear when a potential customer clicks on a link or advertisement, are specifically designed to address a target audience and get them to perform a desired action. They can be optimized to encourage several actions including clicking (which will lead the visitor to another page on your website), purchasing, providing information, telling a friend, learning something, and leaving a comment or post. Landing pages are optimized to display keywords which correspond with terms entered into search engines.  
Landing pages improve the visitor’s experience on the website.  They are useful in boosting efficiency by establishing target keywords and in converting visitors.  Rather than leaving visitors confused and unable to find the services and information they’re interested in, landing pages provide an easily identifiable link to direct users to the most useful page raising the chances of conversion.
Aside from a higher conversion rate, landing pages are useful in increasing overall traffic. By creating several landing pages which cover specific topics and locations, you increase the number of keywords that link to your website.  Once you have established these niche pages you can increase traffic by adding content to your page.  Adding more keyword headings, keyword text, and keyword links caters to potential customers’ subject interests and captures a wider selection of searches. By combining keyword headings and keyword links you can multiply the number of search-phrases your site will capture.    
In summary, landing pages are optimized content pages on your site. They are designed to improve the visitor’s experience through efficiency and increase traffic by broadening the number of search-phrases that will link to your site.  Once you have established your landing pages you can track their results and focus on search-phrases that will capture the most traffic.  

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