November 21, 2012

E-blasts to Build Your E-mail Lists

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An E-blast sends emails to mailing list or large group of people who have subscribed. It often sends to many subscribers thus meaning that they are managed using email marketing software. Relevant content should be maintained when you are sending this email blast so that you can attract the attention of the reader. You can use the internet or the email marketing software to manage and send your email blast efficiently.

There are several steps involved in creating and sending an e-blast which include:

Create an account with an email service provider.

Then you integrate your email marketing with your website.

Use the email marketing software to send your email blast to list members.

The list should be divided into small groups thus enabling you to send the targeted group the right message.

Clean out your blast emails lists and remove all spans and invalid email addresses.


Email opt-ins main purpose is to get more people to sign-up to your email list thus everything in your page should support this action. This is a term that is used when someone is given the option to receive an email from bulk email that is sent to many people at the same time. This opt-ins is of several forms which include;

Confirmed opt-in

This is where new subscriber asks to be included in the mailing list. The confirmation email which is sent to the subscribers’ email address is confirmed by clicking the web link or by replying back through email.

Unconfirmed opt-in

Here the subscriber gives an email address to the list software but naturally there are no steps taken to confirm that the email address actually belongs to the subscriber. There are several steps which should be followed to make a working opt-in.

ü  Know and understand what you need. You should make sure what kind of people you need in your mailing list so that you can reach out to the targeted group.

Understand your expectations from the persons who have to subscribe to your mailing list.

Ensure that your page contains the essential elements which include the headline, benefits, call to action and the important one opt-in form.

You should have good incentive to give. Smart tactic to offer an up-front incentive so that you can convince more people to subscribe.

Make sure that your opt-in form does not require subscribers to give a lot of information when signing up.

ü  Make sure that your page works very well. You have to ensure that your page is working properly and targets the right audience.

Website Branding

Website is never finished but should be kept up-to-date. There are guidelines that should be observed when branding website.

  • You have to know what to include in your website.
  • Make sure that you use an application or developer name which may be confusing.
  • Describe your application by using such terms like “compatible with” or “for use with” to make it clear to people.
  • Try to use screenshots in your website branding. This is for informative or illustrative purposes.

June 12, 2012

E-Blasting to Success

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Why are e-Blasts so popular as a marketing vehicle?

  1. They are fast to produce. Often designed in a day or two.
  2. They are affordable to design and inexpensive to send at $15 per 1000 contacts.
  3. They offer real-time marketing analysis feedback so you can measure their success.
  4. They are targeted to the best list available – your prospects and clients.

In this example, Intex Exhibits uses a simple eye catchy e-Blast to thank visitors for attending their trade show booth, to offer a new pdf price list, to encourage viewers to bookmark their website, and to seek follow up business.  A few well placed product images help entice mail contacts to read the e-Blast.

Maybe its time for you to check into e-blasts as a supplement to your company or organization marketing efforts.  Contact SoCal WebWorx for cost-effective e-Blast Marketing at:

June 8, 2012

Reach More Customers With e-Blasts

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Using e-blasts (email messages) is an effective and affordable way to reach clients and prospects with company new, updates and specials.

• e-Blasts are fast to produce. When Pacific Coast Entertainment needed to reach clients, we designed and sent a finished e-blast in less than 24 hours.

• e-Blasts are economical. The design and setup fees are very reasonably priced and the e-Blasting service, at $15 per 1000 contact, cost a fraction of the price of traditional postage.

• e-Blasts are easy. Especially with eliminating the need for printing when compared with mailers and postcards. Mail lists can be easily imported from Excel format and managed in one master or several sub listings.

• e-Blasts provide valuable marketing data in real-time. Our software system allow you to easily monitor your mailing details online. Features include number / percentage of open e-blasts, links to websites, and any unsubscribes and undeliverable emails are recorded and can be automatically deleted from your mail list.

Monthly e-Blasts are a great way to reach out to clients and prospects with company specials, news and specials, social media links, video links, company photos and e-publications.

August 31, 2011

E-Blast Starts The Marketing Engine For “Day Out With Thomas”

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Click For Larger ViewWith a whole new website and Facebook page the Orange Empire Railway Museum rolls out their marketing for Day Out With Thomas with a catchy email announcement.

The announcement is fully featured and sticky with links for ticket purchases, website visits and event location maps. It’s design and photos are appealing to railway enthusiasts of all ages.

E-blasts are an effective way to stay in touch with your clients, patients and customers. E-blasts reinforce your company branding, are affordable and easy.

Click the thumbnail for a larger view. You can also view additional client samples at:

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