August 23, 2016

SSL Certificate FAQ’s

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What is an SSL Certificate?
SSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer, which is an awfully technical term for most Internet users.  The ‘certificate’ is not a diploma or piece of paper. It is digital code which gets installed on your website server by your programmer, web developer or Webmaster. The code provides a layer of security for private transactions through your website. These transactions can be financial or the transfer of data requiring a secure connection, such as confidential tax prep information. In essence the SSL allows for a private conversation between the website user and the website owner.

Do I need an SSL Certificate?
Yes, if you are transferring confidential information, such as e-commerce payment processing or if your website allows for the transfer private, personal, confidential information.

How do I acquire an SSL Certificate?
An SSL can be easily purchased through most hosting companies. There is an annual fee, which can range from approximately $35 – $100. There may also be a one-time installation fee of $25 or more, but this is waived by some hosting companies if they are also hosting your website.

How do I install my SSL Certificate?
The hosting company can do this, or you can have them send you the ‘certificate code’ and have your programmer, web developer or webmaster insert this code into the website code.

How do I know that a site has an SSL installed?
Most websites promote that their site is secure by posting an icon such as that at the top of this article.
You can also check the website address (URL).  If it begins with https the site has a security certificate installed. If the domain name begins with http (without the ‘s’) the page you are on is lacking a security certificate. When transferring confidential information on the Internet (such as making a purchase) always check the website address in the address bar for the https.

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May 16, 2016

PayPal’s New Security Requirement for Website E-Commerce

PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateways on the Internet and to meet the need for greater e-commerce security they now require that merchants install an SSL Certificate on their websites. Once the code is installed your domain name will change from “http//www…….” to “https//www…….” Most hosting companies will sell you the SSL. Some hosting companies will also do the code installation at a small fee and sometimes for free. To avoid any loss of service you must verify with PayPal by 6-30-16 that your site is ready with the necessary SSL Certificate installed and configured. (more…)

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