March 8, 2017

WordPress – Adding A Link to Your Post

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A frequently asked question is “How Do I Add a Link To My Post?  The process is actually very simple.
1. Open the post.
2. Place your cursor at the desire location within the post. Or, if you want to link specific text, highlight that text with your cursor.
3. Click on the “Link” icon* which will open a dialog box. Paste or type the URL in the designated box and press the return button.
* Note: Beside the Add Link button is a Remove Link button.
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November 7, 2016

Using Page Title and Descriptions in WordPress Blog Post Tools.

Google and some other search engines decide on an individual website basis whether or not to display the page title and description you have provided.

They will often create and display their own rendition based on the textual content of the page. You can only influence the search engines, but you cannot force search engines to display your SEO page title nor the SEO description. Non-the-less you should not ignore the SEO title and SEO description. You should still fill in these fields, as search engines interpret that these posts are more thorough and of higher value as a result.

And while you are at it don’t forget to choose keyword appropriate ‘Categories” and ‘Tags’ and fill in the ‘Excerpt’ field for each post.

February 21, 2013

3 Great Website Template Sources

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Customizing a website from a template is a good way to save hundreds of dollars.
Following are three great sources for website templates.

1. Template Monster:
Offering an extensive selection of templates in different platforms including WordPress, Joomla, E-commerce, CMS and Blog Templates.

2. Rockettheme:
In addition to the above, Rockettheme offers Forum templates and premium
WordPress templates. And all templates offer a working demo for previewing a sample website.

3. yootheme:
Specializing in high-quality Joomla and WordPress website templates that are easily customizable to meet your specific needs and taste. A tour of the website is available to help you make your decision.

Once you’ve chosen a template have a professional website designer build out your website to ensure that a high quality website is developed to meet your needs.

August 29, 2011

A Website Facelift for a Costmetic Dentist

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When Dr Wellington Eng DDS and Michelle Eng DDS decided to move forward with a custom website they wanted to be sure it would be attractive, well-organized, easy to navigate and search engine friendly.  For a visitor friendly cutting-edge custom look, photos were included from Dr Eng’s collection of professionally taken photographs. An animated jQuery banner was added for easy viewing on iPhones and iPads. A professional marketing writer was also added to the website design team to insure effective copywriting and to assist with identifying important keywords for the dentist’s unique dental practice. SoCal WebWorx coordinated the on-site SEO effort by writing and inserting keyword rich Meta tags including page titles, keyword lists and page descriptions.

Dr Eng’s new website was organized into separate pages focused on specific services of the dental practice. Before and after photographs were included to illustrate the website verbiage. In addition an on-site blog was added to Dr Eng’s new site to provide a vehicle for the doctor to reach out to patients and to address their dental concerns. As the blog grows with keyword rich postings it will become a valuable educational tool for the doctor’s patients and help maximize search engine optimization.

April 12, 2011

WordPress Blog Template Club

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WordPress Blog Templates Galore!

The RocketTheme WordPress Theme Club features exclusive access to beautiful WordPress themes to give your WordPress site unique and stunning looks and functionality.  Click here to view gallery:

Stunning themes with amazing functionality!
Exclusive Access to the Member Forums.
Take your WordPress sites to the next level!

June 7, 2010

Template-Based Website Design vs. Custom Website Design

Almost every day we are contact by individuals and businesses looking to develop entirely new websites and those looking to re-vamp their existing websites. One of the first questions people often ask is: “Should I develop a template-based website or totally custom website?”

There are several factors to consider when making such a decision:

  1. Is there a template available that will meet my needs? We suggest searching on to view over 20,000 website templates.  Templates can be searched in various ways including by Industry, Theme, Price, Background Color and Software Application (WordPress template, Joomla template, ZenCart Template, etc.).  Templates can be customized in many ways, including color, image and verbiage swaps. In addition, with many templates buttons can be added or removed and banners can be omitted from sub-pages.  Of course, despite all of the customization the site structure may fall short or your needs and a fully custom website design may be more appropriate.
  2. Is a template you like available in an appropriate software format? Some templates are offered in several versions such as Flash and HTML. Some sites are only available in Flash, which we recommend against using due to its inherent Search Engine Optimization limitations.  Check with your template customization designer or website developer to be sure to purchase an appropriate template for your needs.  The designer will also most likely need an Adobe Photoshop psd file for making customization revisions.
  3. Pricing. The difference between a custom and template-based site can be as little as $1,500.  That may seem like a lot of additional expense now, but if you’re planning to have your site running for several years that may be a small extra price to pay.  It all depends on what you need your site to do. Will it be a ‘brochure’ style website with minimal visitor interactivity, or will it be more complex with highly unique functionality, expandability, and back-end administrative access?  A few questions to ask yourself: Will it have a blog? Will you need a secure site? Will you need e-commerce capabilities?
  4. Design ownership rights. Be aware that when you purchase the rights to download and use a website template others individuals and businesses will also have the option to do the same with that base design. Only by purchasing the full-rights to the template will you be insured to be the only user of the design.  The website template company will generally remove the template from its available library after a ‘buyout’ purchase. ‘Buyout’ purchase fees often range from $2,500. – $3,500.

One additional item worth mentioning is that simply purchasing website template file is only a first step to designing and posting a professional looking website. If you plan to customize the site files yourself you will need to be fluent in web programming and web development software.

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