If you are designing a custom website you should be aware of the fonts being used and that thoughtful font selections can help your site stand out from the crowd and establish your unique company brand.

Here are three currently popular fonts. These all work well for current website design trends.
Some particular strengths of each font family are as follow:
Arvo:  Use for headlines for a fresh different look.
Raleway: Use for body verbiage. This font family contains 18 different faces ranging from “Thin” to “Black Italic” which offers lots of design flexibility and variations.
Open Sans:  Use for headlines and body verbiage for a clean looking design. This font family contain 12 different faces ranging from “Condensed Light” to “Bold Italic”.

For a multitude of font choices you can turn to “Google Fonts”. These fonts are easy to download, open source and make it fast and easy to be creative with font usage. Read more about Google Fonts and view fonts here:  https://www.google.com/fonts#AboutPlace:about
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