Tech TipOf course you want visitors to come to your website and to then take whatever call to action is appropriate. If you are selling a product, you want them to buy it.  If you are offering a service you want visitors to use it.  If you have an organization you probably want to increase membership and raise funds.

But how do you gain more organic search engine traffic and how do you make your website of value to appropriate visitors.  One solution that can help with both considerations is to make your website ‘sticky’.  Simply put, you can increase the time people spend on your website and how often they return by using ‘sticky’ features.

So what are ‘sticky’ website features.  They are generally value added opportunities for viewers to opt-in.  Some common examples are free white paper reports, free newsletters, and discount offers in return for email enrollment.  The trick here is to be creative, original and keep the offer relevant and of real value to your viewers.  In return you will build an email list of prospects for future email marketing and potentially generate additional traffic through referrals. In this manner you can build a loyal customer base and develop a following for your website. You will also distinguish your website from competitors who do not offer such value added offers.